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In some cases, if the device is left in a particular spot longer than it should, this can leave red marks.

In the event this occurs, you should try to heal it with the following:
a. Ensure clean skin after use
b. For speedy healing, keep the area moist 
c. New skin is susceptible to sun damage. Please, ensure to avoid direct sunlight to the treated parts

After the area has completely healed and you wish to perform another treatment, we recommend you do the following:

a. Keep it at a low suction level
b. Ensure to perform a gliding movement over your skin. This should only be once over a particular area in total. There is no need to apply the device firm to your skin, the suction will bring your skin upwards. 
c. Hold the skin tight to allow the device to glide across and do this in one full motion.
d. Ensure your skin is clean at all times and avoid direct sunlight.